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Facebook: MikeTheApeman
Twitter: @ApemanCylon
Website: www.theapemancometh.com


Mike the Apeman here. Unlike Colin, I don't use my real name because...well, let's be honest: if my name only had 10 letters total like Colin's, I might use it more often. Apeman is a nickname that evolved from my youth, and with Mike being one of the most popular surnames in the world, it's easier to have a nickname. I got my start in internet radio in 2004 as a co-host on another internet radio show on another network. What was supposed to be a guest appearance turned into a regular thing for 2 years, thus the ‘career’ began. From random impressions to helping on parodies to having to be the voice of reason sometimes, it was a fun time until September of 2006. I never had illusions of becoming a full-time radio personality, and I knew that an internet show was just a hobby. My co-host didn't see things that way, and that is when I walked off that show while live on the air. To this day, most people don't realize that I tried to quit behind the scenes the week before to avoid that kind of dramatic exit, but whatever.

In the wake of my departure, I needed some kind of outlet to vent my frustrations about the situation, and thus a podcast known as The Apeman Cometh was born. That eventually found it's footing as a non-scripted comedic rantfest about anything and everything. The podcast had ups and downs, quiet periods, and times where it seems the podcasts were coming far too often, but in a little over the year the podcast continued to grow to the tune of about 1000 regular listeners.

Enter Shaggy, stage left.

Shaggy and I stayed in touch a lot after I left that network. Eventually, the bug to start doing a live show again bit Shaggy. A proposed comeback was in the works, and this time PTR would return with ‘the primate upgrade installed’. I joined PTR Radio live for their first broadcast as an independent show on September 10th, 2007. Despite offers from other shows, I have stayed loyal to PTR because, quite frankly, this is the most fun I've had broadcasting in a loooong time. In my spare time, I play ice hockey as goalie in the Beer Leagues, and I have taken a more serious interest in building things around the house too. (2 decks, tables, stairs....) I'm a big NASCAR fan, think everything is better with Bacon, one of the last people on Earth who still has Gangnam Style on his iPod, and have been called Noah by some friends due to the large number of animals in our home.