This is the Official 2014 PTR Radio Celebrity Death Pool listing.  In this game listeners and friends were asked to pick 5 celebrities they thought were likely to pass in 2015.  We award points and bonus points when a celebrity on the list passes and the person with the most points at the end of the year gets a PTR Box O' Randomness.  If you doubt the celebrity of any of the people below you can click on their picture and/or name and Wikipedia will validate their credentials.  We took entries between 12/1/2013 and 1/1/2014.  Please make sure to help us keep track of deaths by posting to our twitter @PTRRadio or facebook page when you see a celebrity pass.

DISCLAIMER: This contest is a game, plain and simple.  By picking names, we are not wishing death upon anyone, nor are we trying to make light of people dying.  Death is a natural event, and beyond anyone’s control.  We however deal with this event by laughing rather than crying.  How you choose to deal with your emotions is your business just don’t bitch about how we deal with our or how our listeners deal with them.