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We need your Yelp Style review
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We need your Yelp Style review

We’re looking for your help. Last night we talked about a new app called Peeple where you can do yelp style reviews of humans. That got us to thinking what our listeners would do for yelp style reviews of us and of the show. These will be turned into show openings/back-withs.

We’re looking for you to submit them to us. Post them on our facebook page ( or call our 877-787-8822 number and record it yourself! There are a couple examples below to get you started, they can be complimentary or bashing (both are a win for us). Pick a host or hosts or do one for the show in general, doesn’t matter we just need your input.

Please help us out and contribute!


Example For PTR In General:

If I could give PTR a half star, I would. Normally I love crappy entertainment, but this show has a terrible vibe and no continuity.

Don't be fooled by the entertaining clips in the opening or the bits, these are extremely rare and not representative of the recurring theme of the show.


Example For Mike:

Mike is the kind person who could be a very loyal friend if you can get over the fact that he is too busy to hang out with you. Constantly droning on about NASCAR and hockey. Reminding you daily that he could have gone pro if not for his bad knees.

Apart from the fact that if they bring back the chicken biscuit you'll realize he loves that more than life, Mike is a solid guy who doesn't care about your kids, but is always there to watch your dogs.

4 out of 5 stars, would recommend

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