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2020 Celebrity Death Pool Entry

Entry for the 2020 Celebrity Death Pool is now CLOSED.  Your picks will be featured on the site in the coming days, a Facebook and twitter post will let everyone know when the information has been posted.  Thank you SO MUCH for participating and make sure you stay tuned to the show throughout the year for updates on how the game is progressing.  Don't forget if you see a celebrity death please contact us and let us know via twitter or Facebook.

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grim reaper from grim and mandy

Official Rules

DISCLAIMER: This contest is a game, plain and simple.  By picking names, we are not wishing death upon anyone, nor are we trying to make light of people dying.  Death is a natural event, and beyond anyone’s control.  We however deal with this event by laughing rather than crying.  How you choose to deal with your emotions is your business just don’t bitch about how we deal with our or how our listeners deal with them.

  1. A celebrity is defined as a person who lives their life in the public domain, such as a sportsman, entertainer, author, scientist etc.
    • “Characters” (i.e., Bart Simpson, Brian Griffin, etc.) are not considered celebrities and are not eligible as picks.
    • Picks consisting of multiple people, i.e. Nickleback, are not permitted. Any person submitting an entry that consists of an entity formed by multiple individuals shall have the pick voided without possibility of replacement.
    • Anyone who provides selections of non-celebrity names will be penalized at the discretion of the hosts of PTR Radio by applying one of the following penalties:
      1. Having that pick removed from their list and being allowed to be replaced
      2. Having that pick removed from their list and NOT allowing a replacement
      3. Disqualifying the participant from the contest
  2. Death Row prisoners and “winners” in “right-to-die” court cases are not allowed. Picks of this nature will have penalties applied as described in section 1.3.i-iii.
    • Picks that are killed via government sanctioned actions will not be awarded any points. If it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the pick died of natural causes, points will be awarded.
  3. Murdering one of your picks will result in immediate disqualification.
  4. If a participant’s pick is declared legally dead, but is brought back to life, no points will be awarded.
  5. Points will be awarded as follows:
    • 126 – (Age of deceased) = Points awarded.  Ex: A celebrity dies at age 67.  The participant would be awarded 59 points.
    • Why is it 126?  Well that’s because that is the oldest verifiable recorded age of a person that we could find.  If by chance your pick sets a new world record by dying and being older than 126 then you get 50 points.
    • If the deceased was only picked by one participant (aka “a unique pick”), the calculated point total will be increased by 1 point.
    • If a pick dies during the game year, but the death is not confirmed or announced until AFTER the end of the game year, NO POINTS WILL BE AWARDED.
  6. FIRST STRIKE BONUS: The first death that results in scoring among the participants will be awarded 5 bonus points.
    • This is in addition to any bonus points awarded per section 6 of the rules.
    • If multiple people have picked the First Strike, the 5 bonus points will be divided equally among them to 2 decimal places.
  7. BUZZER BEATER BONUS: The final death occurring in the game year that results in points being awarded will give a bonus equal to the numeric value of the calendar month in which the death occurred.
    • If multiple people have picked the Buzzer Beater, the bonus points will be divided equally among them to 2 decimal places.
  8. REFERRAL BONUS: Every person that a listener gets to participate using their name or email address listed as the person of referral will earn that listener 1 additional point to be added to their final score.
    • There is a (12) point limit on the number of referral bonus points.
  9. In the event that there is a tie at the end of the game year, the following will be used as tie-breakers in order:
    • Winner of the “First Strike” point. Example: Player 1 and Player 2 are tied. Player 1’s first points were awarded on 2/14, Player 2’s first points were awarded on 6/5. Player 1 would be the winner.
    • Date of second point awarded. See previous example.
    • Date for third point awarded.
    • Date for fourth point awarded.
    • Date of fifth point awarded.
    • Whichever contestant submitted their picks first would be the winner.
  10. Prizes at time of writing will be as follows, and are subject to change at the discretion of the hosts of PTR Radio:
    • Grand prize will be a gift certificate to Amazon.com of an unknown value.
    • Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of notification, otherwise prize will be forfeited.
  11. Entries for the upcoming game year close on January 1st, of the game year at 12AM Central Standard Time.

It should be noted that eligibility, scoring, and prize awarding are purely at the discretion of the PTR Radio hosts.  All decisions by the hosts are made in good faith and are considered final. Begging, bitching, complaining or otherwise irritating the hosts of PTR will not help any dispute and MAY force a decision opposite to your liking.